Learning Environment

Children are enrolled at Childgarden Early Childhood Center in classrooms according to age and developmental level. Current classroom and ages are as follows:

Placement decisions are made based on available space, parent preferences, and the center’s assessment of the most appropriate placement. Transitions from one classroom to another are always planned ahead of time with parents, and take place gradually.



Infants Six Weeks to 12 Months of Age
Our Infant rooms serve children 6 weeks to 12 months.  As in all classrooms, communication between teachers and parents plays an important role.  The teachers in our infant rooms place particular importance on building a relationship with the parents as they work together to meet the needs of the child.  Each infant’s schedule is unique and respected.  As children begin to approach their transition to the toddler room, the teachers will assist your child in becoming comfortable with a consistent routine.  You can leave your child knowing that he/she will be held, reassured, and comforted.


Toddlers 12 Months to 24 Months of Age
Around your child’s first birthday, he/she will transition to the toddler room. This is a time when children are actively exploring everything, while becoming more stable on their feet. Teachers invite children to explore while helping them understand basic limits. Sensory exploration is offered, knowing that children learn by touching, smelling, and yes, tasting! Materials are visually stimulating and invite exploration. Picture books, singing songs, and hand gestures are in abundance.

Two Year Olds
When your child turns that magical age of two, he/she will move to our two year old room. While children still want to be held at this age, they are searching for ways to assert their independence. Pretend play becomes even more important to them as they try to make sense of the world around them. This will continue for many years. Teachers support the children in our two year old rooms by providing many opportunities for them to show pride in their accomplishments. As they begin to show interest in using the potty, they are encouraged and supported. Children and teachers celebrate together.

Three to Four and A Half Year Olds
The next stop is our preschool classroom, which is a mixed age group of 3 – 4 1/2 year olds. By this point along the journey at Childgarden, children are feeling confident in their abilities and show their excitement for learning. As the children express their interests, our teachers listen, question, and help children gain knowledge by building on those interests. They show excitement in picking out and writing letters in their name and teachers are there to support and challenge them. During this time children show a growing interest in building friendships and begin collaborating on ideas for play. They become more detail oriented in all aspects of their development which is reflected in their conversations, questions and play.

Four to Five Year Olds
Before the next big step of Kindergarten, your child will spend time in our Pre K classroom. The purpose of this is to assist children with their transition into kindergarten. Teachers and children think together as they “uncover” topics through more in-depth projects. Direct instruction is not our focus here. Instead children are provided with many opportunities to gain knowledge and skills through activities that are meaningful to them.