Enroll Your Child in Four Easy Steps

The enrollment process at Childgarden is designed to help children and their parents make a smooth transition to our program.

Step 1: Take a Tour
Families need to schedule a time to take a tour of our facility and talk with the Director about the center. This visit will help you learn more about our philosophy and goals, and will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have, including availability of spots in particular classrooms.

Step 2: Submit Your Application Materials
At your tour, you will receive a Childgarden application form. This form includes:

  • a child enrollment form
  • an emergency information sheet
  • a medical examination report (including allergy update, immunization record and a physician’s signature)
  • A $50 nonrefundable application fee

Step 3: Schedule a “Visit Day” with Your Child
Before your child begins enrollment at Childgarden, we have families schedule a Visit Day. This part or full day allows you and your child the opportunity to visit the center together. This is an important way to let your child know that you value his or her new center, gives teachers a chance to get to know you and your child, and gives you the opportunity to find out about classroom policies and routines.

Step 4: Meet with the Business Manager
The last meeting will be with the Business Manager to discuss fees and sign a fee agreement. This can usually happen when you come for your Visit Day, but other arrangements can be made if necessary.

Schedule Your Tour Today!

To schedule a tour of Childgarden, you may call the center at 314-531-8148 or email us.

2019 Tuition Rates


*Currently we only offer full-time care for infants and toddlers.