The Kitchen

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a priority at Childgarden, which is why in the spring of 2016, we announced a collaboration with the St. Louis University’s graduate earth day logoprogram in Nutrition and  Dietetics to assist with our food menu. Through a grant from St. Louis Earth Day, Childgarden has been able to increase the number of fresh vegetables, while decreasing the amount of processed foods we offer our students. This has been a wonderful team effort – our families have joined together to help care for the garden, while our chef Alysha has worked with a graduate student from SLU to create a menu that fits the Eat Smart Guidelines set forth by the state of Missouri.

Childgarden Menus

The kitchen at Childgarden has a six week rotating menu. Families can review the menus online or find the most up-to-date menu posted at the center.